A Travel Money Belt: How Essential Is It?

When I am looking for peace of mind when I travel, I consider my travel money belt to be essential. The only way that I can be sure that I have control over my cash and other valuables when I travel, is to never travel without my travel money belt. The money belt of choice for me is a relatively small fabric pouch with zippered compartments that I fasten around my waist underneath my pants and completely out of sight.

I have become so used to wearing my travel money belt, that I feel like something is missing when I am not wearing it. I mean what else would give me the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all of my essential documents and valuables are securely and cleverly concealed out of sight in a belt around my waist, so that I can put my security concerns out of my mind and focus on enjoying my travels. It gives me a comforting peace of mind.

When my travels include a planned trip to the beach, I usually take advantage of the waterproof feature of my travel belt or money pouch rather than trying to hide it on the beach while I swim. I have discovered though, that unless I absolutely have to have my valuables with me while I’m at the beach, it is generally safer and easier to just leave them in my hotel room safe. The majority of nicer hotels will either have safes in the room or a place at the front desk where I can store my valuables.

In rhino book snash ville living or hostel situations where I can’t leave my Money Belt in my room or put it in a safe, I just keep it with me; even in the shower. I usually hang it from the shower nozzle in a plastic bag to keep the travel money belt and all the contents dry so that it is ready to wear when I’m done.

I have learned that just as with my luggage I need to pack lightly when it comes to my travel belt. I generally pack only the bare essentials in my Travel Money Belt. Some of the things that I consider essential are: my passport, which I am legally required to have with me at all times; my driver’s license, which even works just about everywhere in Europe, in case I need to rent a car on short notice; my credit card, which is necessary for car rental and extremely handy if my cash runs low; my Visa debit card, which is accepted practically everywhere for ATM withdrawals; my cash, only large denomination bills; my airline tickets and rail passes, because they are just like cash and very difficult to replace if damaged, lost or stolen; my important contacts with phone numbers and e-mail addresses, and my itinerary, along with a small plastic bag in case I need to keep the entire travel money belt and its contents dry.