A Whole New World – At the Top, Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

The most iconic shape in Dubai’s skyline-Burj Khalifa and additionally the tallest funniest place com building on the whole planet standing at 828 metres as we speak. If touring the Middle East, this is actually a have to no longer leave out sight. In this publish we have a look at the nitty gritties of traveling At the Top, Burj Khalifa

Getting there

Well, first matters first. Burj Khalifa is placed in downtown Dubai beside the massive Dubai Mall. Using the Dubai Metro, board the redline to Burj Khalifa Station. From here, board the F13 bus and alight at the next forestall-Dubai Mall bus forestall. Now walk via the mall to get to Burj Khalifa. Otherwise, walk within the air-conditioned overpass.

This need to take you approximately 15 minutes due to the fact there are transferring walkways (just like the type in airports). This is truly the maximum advocated form of having to the mall. At Dubai mall, walk through the mall to the lower floor ground aka LG.
The ticket office to Burj Khalifa is inner Dubai Mall next to subway sandwich eating place on Lower Ground floor. However, to avoid the trouble of locating the office and dealing with long queues, e book your At the Top, Burj Khalifa tickets earlier at itickets.Ae

Where to Visit

Burj Khalifa has two statement decks open to visitors. The decrease deck is famous as At the Top standing at a peak of 452 meters. When the tower changed into formally opened in 2010, it became the highest remark deck at the globe. Unfortunately, this title changed into grabbed through an commentary deck in China-Canton Tower. But in relation to status out, Burj Khalifa is genuinely now not the one to allow something stand within the way hindering its glory. Consequently, Burj Khalifa opened a brand new deck-At the Top SKY now standing at 555 metres and presently the sector’s tallest remark deck.

At the very top of Burj Khalifa is the 163rd ground of the tower this is however not handy to the general public.

The Cost

Visiting At the Top, Burj Khalifa calls for a price ticket, and there are numerous factors that have an effect on the value of your price ticket including:

Choice of the remark deck-At the Top or At the Top, SKY

The time of the day. Prime hours for the commentary decks are between 3:30 PM and six:00 PM to correspond with sundown

The booking choice of your choice. This includes ‘Skip the line price ticket’ which lets in you directly continue to the statement deck without having to wait in line.

How to Buy Tickets

Tickets to At the Top statement decks get offered out pretty brief. To get a slot and stable the satisfactory time, we relatively recommend reserving your ticket on-line earlier. Otherwise, you can purchase the tickets on the counter at Burj Khalifa.

What to Expect At the Entrance

If your ticket does no longer allow you to bypass the line and continue to the commentary deck, you will be anticipated to attend in line. While ready although, you don’t have to get bored because the area is donned with marvelous interactive presentations that inform the tale of the skyscraper.