Enjoy a Writing Career and Health Insurance!

It’s no newsflash that writers love what they do – writing. Whether they’re writing children’s books, science fiction novels, Harlequin romances, or feature articles for various magazines, you can usually find a writer with a pen in her hand or keyboard keys at her finger tips.

That’s a good thing, too. Without writers, not only would the world lack entertaining and engaging fiction, but we’d also be without educational resources such as textbooks, and even the catchy writing we see on advertisements.

Good writing doesn’t come free, and neither does good cbdhintcom– well, good health insurance, that is. Regardless of how rewarding writers find their writing careers, unless they’re employed full-time, for example with an established newspaper or magazine rather than writing as freelance writers, chances are their writing careers aren’t offering any kind of health benefits. Medical costs usually come out-of-pocket for freelance writers.

The good news is that freelance writers don’t have to go without health insurance. Having a writing career also doesn’t mean purchasing an individual insurance policy is the only option. Since writing is a career that will always be in high demand, many people have gotten together over the years and formed several writing organizations.
The option to purchase a health insurance plan through these writing organizations is only one of the various benefits offered.

Writing organizations usually offer health insurance plans that are much cheaper than individual health insurance plans. This is because writers who purchase these health insurance plans will pay group, rather than individual, rates.