Florida Equity Framework

Jennifer Mee acquired reputation as a fifteen year old subsequent to experiencing a hopeless instance of hiccups. At nineteen she was sentenced for first degree murder subsequent to taking part in a deadly theft.

Under Florida regulation, every one of the people who partook in britfox com a deadly burglary are similarly at legitimate fault for homicide regardless of the part played in the wrongdoing.

That’s what my view is in the event that the law expresses that about burglaries, why are smashed drivers who kill somebody not accused of first degree murder too in light of the fact that they have likewise killed somebody during the most common way of carrying out a wrongdoing. That is driving impaired.

The Florida legislators ought to clarify for their kin how their local area will profit from securing individuals and never looking back approach.

On account of Jennifer Mee, she was indicted for first degree murder and condemned to existence without the chance of parole, so what frightful wrongdoing did she perpetrate?

Did she kill somebody without a second thought?

Indeed, the following are a couple of realities as I comprehend them to be;

Jennifer set up a date with a young fellow through Facebook however she didn’t have sentiment at the forefront of her thoughts yet rather burglary.

The arrangement was to deny the young fellow with the help of her two male sidekicks, however during the robbing one of Jennifer’s companions shot the person in question. I don’t have any idea where Jennifer was the point at which this all occurred.

It was never Jennifer’s expectation for the casualty to be shot (as indicated by Jennifer) and she guarantees she didn’t realize that one of her companions had a gun on his presence.

I don’t have any idea your opinion on Jennifer yet anything that it is, could you feel the same way assuming she was one of your family members?

My view is that Florida has changed the importance of the word murder for reasons unknown. I generally thought murder was a deliberate demonstration and the main aim Jennifer had was to loot her casualty.

Murder was not even talked about supposedly.

The other significant point is existence without any chance to appeal sentences.

This might be the main choice for some, yet not most of them.

For Jennifer’s situation, her legal counselor allowed her a 3-5% opportunity of truly being delivered, yet I can’t understand out how he reached that resolution.

Since there is a mercy choice for Jennifer subject to specific rules and one of them is that something like decade of their sentence probably been served. She has been inside since 19 and is 28 presently so has brief period to go before she finishes a decade.

I have kept in touch with various American legislators pretty much all of this yet none have answered. GO FIGURE!

You can watch Jennifer Mee on YouTube and make up your own brain. There are a few horrible remarks posted, however individuals like that have definitely no compassion with other people.