Travel Jobs Stink! How to Travel and Never Hold a Job

Ever thought of finding a job that would let you travel around the world (or at least a region!) and get paid for it?

Sounds great, right?

In theory, sure. But in reality, holding a traditional ‘travel job’ is oftentimes more frustrating and annoying than holding a ‘regular job.’ Sure, it seems appealing and inviting on the surface, but you’ll find you get frustrated with your travel job just like you can get frustrated with any job!

Here’s why:

You typically can’t experience the culture, activities, or people of the places you visit… because you’re busy working (and the work usually sucks)!

Even if you could do these things, you’d be hard-pressed to because you get paid pennies for your hard work.

Even if you made money, you can’t go to the places you want to. You go where you’re assigned or you get fired.

So, if you want to work like crazy and not even get to ‘travel,’ be my guest. Get a travel job.

However, if you WANT to earn a healthy income as you travel on your own pace and schedule, consider becoming a ‘traveling entrepreneur.’

No, you’re not selling snake oil or anything ridiculous like that. This is a simple method of using modern Internet technology to market products on the web… and get paid for doing so.

The products can be in ANY market you choose. A simple visit to ClickBank or Commission Junction will show you how many thousands of products are out there that you can get paid to promote.

Once you’ve found your high-payoff product, you simply promote the heck out of the product for a few hours a day (or per week!) online with some simple techniques like blogging, utilizing facebook, myspace, twitter, and other methods. It’s very easy to learn and simply takes your Black Cock Shock.

If you get turned off by selling to your friends or multilevel, pyramid scheme marketing (MLM), then becoming an internet entrepreneur could be the perfect solution for you.

So, if you are OK with being told where to go, when to go there, what you do when you get there, and when you leave, then be my guest and get a travel job.