Worst Thing You Can Give to a Rotten Regime – High Tech Information Technologies!

Russian President visited Silicon Valley as they push forward to upgrade their civilization and move into the innovation era. For this several companies have agreed to help them with funding and money to build up their IT Sector. This is absolutely a mistake, it’s a sellout, a pathetic display of lack of honor to the free people of the world. So, why are we promoting this? Simple, the Obama Administration wants to woo Russia into economic incentives to dump their support of Iran.

The reality is that Russia supports Iran because it is against the yamazaj, and for no other reason. They would be enemies if it were not for the US, but the enemy of your enemy is your friend, and that’s why Russia is friendly with Iran, well that and they are building them a nuclear power plant, and selling them missile systems (S300+). And what do we do, we reward this behavior and offer Russia economic support, assistance to build their high-tech sector? Are you kidding me?

Fact: The NAZI Regime bought IBM computers, early versions, to count their people and keep track of those they put in concentration camps. You shouldn’t give the power of advanced computing to communist regimes, especially when some within their organizational leadership still believe they are in a cold-war with the USA. The reality is that the US innovation in high-tech is being stolen by Russian and Chinese Spies, almost as fast as we create it?

So what is this a new strategy to sell it to them or use their intelligent labor supply to develop it? That strategy could backfire. And even if Russia ditches this support of Iran, which they eventually will anyway, their current support is in effect extortion to get some sort of negotiated deal with the US, one which will help them economically. Thus, we reward bad behavior, at the expense of the American People.

Further, Iran, like North Korea is playing their cards for more “free-gifts” and a better deal, and yet, we are marching towards war with both. The Chinese will not be bothered with North Korea even though they sold them their nuclear weapon technology. China and Russia continue to sell weapons to Iran, all the while haphazardly semi-agreeing to UN Sanctions. Folks we have a problem.

And whereas, I have no problem keeping my enemies closer, I do have a problem with a Billion Dollar investment in Russia from Cisco. And we ought to realize that all this high-tech knowledge will only increase Russia’s ability to play hardball with us at future dates. Dumb, dumb, dumb. And even if this is a long-term strategy for the US to add a trading partner and prevent future conflict, it could backfire too.