The Vex Threat on Neoma

The Unfinished Business quest is an exotic quest in Destiny 2 that rewards the Deterministic Chaos machine gun. This quest becomes available after you complete the Light fall campaign.

To start the quest, you need to talk to Nimbus in the Hall of Heroes. Nimbus will tell you that the Vex are still active in Neoma, and that they are trying to steal data from the city. You need to stop them and recover the data.

The quest has 13 steps:

  1. Visit the Hall of Heroes.
  2. Return to Nimbus.
  3. Collect Cypher Qubits from the the city, using them to extract data from
  4. Find the last data packet location in an area called Maya’s Retreat.
  5. Withstand the Vex attack and recover the data packet.
  6. Meet with Osiris and Nimbus in Radiosonde.
  7. Visit the Liming Harbor Lost Sector to obtain a Vex compass.
  8. Defeat the Vex combatants at the Compass’s coordinates.
  9. Obtain the Seed of Destruction from the Vex Gate lord.
  10. Return to Nimbus.
  11. Complete the What Remains mission.
  12. Return to Nimbus.
  13. Defeat the final boss.

The quest is challenging, but the rewards are worth it. Deterministic Chaos is a powerful Void machine gun that can deal a lot of damage to enemies. It also has a unique perk called “Probability Field,” which causes enemies to take more damage the more they are shot.

If you are looking for a challenging quest with a great reward, then Unfinished Business is the quest for you.

Here are some tips for completing the quest:

  • Use a Void subclass and weapons to deal more damage to the Vex.
  • Bring a high-power machine gun to take down the Vex combatants and bosses.
  • Be careful not to die, as you will lose all of your progress if you do.
  • Use the Vex compass to find the Seed of Destruction.
  • Work together with your fireteam to defeat the final boss.

With a little effort, you can complete the Unfinished Business quest and earn the Deterministic Chaos machine gun.